Instant Miracle Mask
Shake, Paint, Peel and Reveal
Instant Miracle Mask

A fabulous flash effect skin perfecting mask created from my signature treatment setting mask. Experience the lifting sensation as the mask sets and transforms to a soft rubbery texture.

Clinic Collection: Inspired by celebrity facialist Sarah Chapman's dynamic skin transforming treatments, the revolutionary Clinic Collection delivers ultra-professional skin rejuvenating results, bringing luxurious facials into your home.

This unique setting mask is designed to lift, smooth, perfect and brighten. Allow your mask to infuse the skin with moisturising hyaluronic acid, protein skin tighteners, skin clearing Moroccan lava clay (ghassoul), brightening vitamin C, brown sea algae, and delicate rose. Unveil a new fresher looking skin, revealing a smoother more radiant. Pores appear smaller, skin looks brighter, firmer and lifted.
Suitable for all skin types
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