Chin and Jaw Lift
Stretch, Smooth, Tighten and Sculpt
Chin and Jaw Lift

This visibly lifting treatment mask is inspired by the effects of my resculpting and firming facials.

Clinic Collection: Inspired by celebrity facialist Sarah Chapman's dynamic skin transforming treatments, the revolutionary Clinic Collection delivers ultra-profesional skin rejuvenating results, bringing luxurious facials into your home.

This dramatically firming elastic fibre sling is infused with a cocktail of high-performance lifting actives for tightening and sculpting the jawline, creating the feeling of a lower face lift.

Skin firming algae, plant collagen, protein skin tighteners and Swiss botanical skin brighteners blend with vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, rose and chamomile flower water to intensely moisturise, lift and improve the appearance of the jawline and lower face in one application.

For signs of ageing in the lower face
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