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  • Sarah Chapman London Skinesis Overnight Lip Concentrate
  • Sarah Chapman London Skinesis Overnight Lip Concentrate [open]

Overnight Lip Concentrate


This anti-ageing conditioning balm for the lip contour and lips takes our dynamic Skinesis night-treatment technologies and partners them with the latest innovations in powerful targeted ingredients to cocoon, comfort, plump and de-age the entire lip area.

Sarah says:
"The inevitable environmental onslaught of daily life, from sunshine to skiing, pollution to stress all take their toll on our skin and our lips are often forgotten. Unlike the rest of your skin, they have no sebaceous glands to assist their own protection and the lip contour shows signs of ageing through lines and loss of volume as collagen breaks down over time."


This powerhouse complex acts as a “serum in balm” to replenish the lips and contour with intelligent concentrated cosmeceutical actives, omegas and antioxidants to treat the lips overnight and prepare for the onslaught of the next day.

This highly advanced night-time lip formula combines performance proven actives such as a retinol-like Vitamin A alternative, super-plumpers Maxilip and Hilurlip and potent natural resources such as Ubuntu Mongongo and Inca Inchi oil to reinforce the barrier function of the lips and reduce transepidermal water loss (TEWL), helping to lock essential moisture in the delicate lip area.

This nurturing skincare formulation gives a soothing and firming effect whilst also protecting vital collagen to help retain a youthful volume, improving signs of ageing around the lip contour and relieving chapped dry lips. 

Overnight Lip Concentrate feels comforting and nourishing as soon as it is applied and has a brilliantly effective plumping action on the lips that is both immediate and long-term, helping counteract slackening over time and targeting fine lines, specifically vertical lines around the lip area.

Overnight Lip Concentrate is packaged in an advanced applicator pen to ensure optimal dosage is dispensed and to maintain the integrity of the formulation and its ingredients from first click to last.



Lips are immediately soothed, comforted and plumped, whatever the weather or time of the year.  Upper lip lines look smoothed and entire lip area appears more youthful and plump.


How to use:
Apply to cleansed lips and lip area just before bedtime after applying Overnight Facial. Please note that it can also be enjoyed throughout the day.


Top Tip:

Apply nightly to the entire lip area, over the upper lip and  lip borders for maximum results.


High Performance Actives:
Sytenol® A, SW-7™, Maxi-Lip™, Hilurlip®, Ultra Filling Spheres™, Super Sterol Lipid, Amisol Trio™, Native Essence, ELDEW®,Aquaxyl™, Inca Inchi® Lipactiv, Ubuntu Mongongo Virgin Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Lipex Shea™

  1. Really made a difference!

    Posted by Sue Wayne on 28th Aug 2017

    Enjoy using this and a really dry, cracked area on bottom lip has disappeared!!

  2. Love it, but......

    Posted by Robyn on 15th May 2017

    Great product and the best I have used to-date. Only drawback is the application part when lid taken off - sometimes plastic applier in lid and other times left on the end where contents come out - which is it to be? Thank you

  3. Beautiful luscious lips!

    Posted by Emma on 11th Apr 2017

    Take it from someone who suffers with dry, flaky lips and who is usually applying regular lip balm every five seconds, this product is a game changer! I apply every night before going to bed and sometimes at the start of the day too and it's working miracles! My lips are no longer dry and look plump and luscious all day - I only need to top up using my regular lip balm a few times a day now. As another reviewer points out, it can be a little a tricky getting the right amount of product to come out of the tube, but a minor thing and something I'll get the hang of eventually - it's totally worth the price in my book for the brilliant results - I will definitely be buying again and would 100% recommend!!

  4. It's working!

    Posted by Kate on 12th Feb 2017

    After some difficulty with getting the product released from tube as it needed hundreds of clicks this works really well. It's a nice consistency and makes your lips feel nourished without the horrible tingling of some products. Only used for about a week but can definitely see a difference my lips are plumper and fuller and not as dry and flaky. Very pleased with the appearance so far. Wish it was cheaper as I have a feeling I will not want to stop using it!

  5. Poor design packaging

    Posted by Pip Darby on 8th Feb 2017

    The plastic lip applicator looks cool but very hard to apply the product .

  6. Feels wonderful

    Posted by Barbara Wood on 2nd Feb 2017

    The applicator takes some getting used to so not too much balm comes out per dose. But even after one week my lips look better and certainly feel better. Will definitely use during the day as well.

  7. Smooth Lips!

    Posted by Jane Harvey on 30th Jan 2017

    My lips were dehydrated with the cold weather but this has improved dramatically after using the Lip Concentrate. I also have lines above my lips even though I've never smoked and these are beginning to look less noticeable. Another Sarah Chapman product I will not want to be without!

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